In The Fight Against Dangerous Bacteria and Viruses, New Application Keeps Documents 99.9% Free of Harmful Microbes*

SARASOTA, Florida – Printed documents are commonly used and distributed inside sensitive, at-risk environments such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools. What can be done to make these printed forms safer against the transmission of bacteria and viruses?

Serbin Printing is proud to announce PrintShield Antimicrobial Printing, an EPA registered process by which printed documents are coated with a protective layer that neutralizes hazardous microbes by 99.9%*.

When it comes to high-touch items such as handles, door knobs, etc., it is no secret, surfaces that remain clean reduce the risk of disease transmission. But what about other ‘contact points’ like business cards and pocket folders that are handed multiple times from person to person? As a printer, we want to bring value to the conversation about creating cleaner, safer environments”, explains Mark Serbin, President of Serbin Printing.

During the printing process, PrintShield is combined with Aqueous or UV coatings. Once PrintShield has been applied, it dries clear with either a gloss or satin finish with no lingering residue or odor. The coating itself cannot be wiped off, which provides ongoing protection for the lifetime of the printed form. This feature distinguishes itself from traditional disinfectants that sterilize surfaces but can then become immediately re-contaminated.

The active ingredient in PrintShield is silver, a substance well known and used for its antimicrobial properties. In fact, until the introduction of Penicillin in the early 1940s, silver was the main antimicrobial used by throughout the world. Upon application to printed forms, silver ions in PrintSheild disrupt and destroy microbial cell activity.

Mark continues, “Silver, as an antimicrobial, is not new. What is new is how a coating that contains silver ions can be applied to a printed sheet without ruining it. Our first goal was to incorporate it, but NOT be able to detect it! Our second goal was to make this solution affordable for both small and large businesses. We are excited to announce we have accomplished BOTH!”

PrintShield has been independently tested in labs which abide by the latest ISO standards and confirmed that surfaces treated with PrintShield reduce the overall levels of damaging microbes by 99.9%* PrintShield is ideal for high-touch documents such as business cards, event tickets, labels, menus, posters, folders, rack cards, table tents, program covers, and forms that require signatures. Pricing can accommodate virtually any budget.


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*Certificate #: 1039743.221/13936 based on MOD ISO 20743

EPA Registration #: 49403-38-86107 (Aqueous Coating), 73148-1-86107 (UV Coating)

NOTE: EPA guidelines prohibit anyone from saying these specific coatings will specifically kill the COVID-19 virus. However these coatings result in 99.9% fewer microbes on surfaces than they would have otherwise.


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