Next Level Workshop

October 6th, 2014
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Serbin Print Marketing and Publishing hosted their “Next Level Workshop” on September 25th at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. This sold-out event was designed exclusively for regional nonprofit organizations and key staff including Executive Directors, Marketing, Communications, Development and Membership Professionals. This instructive half day workshop provided strategies for synthesizing marketing and communication efforts and achieving enhanced levels of engagement with donors, members, peers and the community. Discussions centered around proven applications for nonprofits including multi-touch, multi-channel, variable data & personalized marketing, using print, personalized URL’s, emails and dimensional mail pieces. International speaker and President of BIZUCate, Peter Muir was the featured keynote speaker. Event partners included Mail-it, Mohawk Papers, Mac Papers, Xerox and the Community Foundation of Sarasota.

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New Duplo Collator Booklet Maker

April 8th, 2014






Expanding our capabilities again to insure we give our customers the type of services they deserve we’ve added the fully automated Duplo 350C Booklet Making System. We now have the capability to economically gather, stitch, fold and face trim short run booklets whether offset or digitally printed in one smooth fast operation. Ask your sales representative how we can help you with your short run booklets.

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New Xerox Color 1000 Press

December 30th, 2013

Serbin is proud to announce the addition of a second Xerox Color 1000 digital press. The decision was an easy one for us to make. With personalized, variable color sales growing at an ever increasing rate we needed another production press to maintain our level of service for our clients. Because of the Color 1000’s incredible print quality and versatility there was no doubt in our minds that another Color 1000 was the press to fill our customer’s needs and expectations.

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5 Tips for Standout Direct Mail Copy

September 6th, 2012

With a direct marketing piece, your words have to be performing at their best. After all, you need to motivate your targets not only to read your compelling offer, but also to promptly respond to it.

Here are five tips for writing convincing and effective sales copy:

1. Be concise. Direct mail pieces are fluff-free zones. Your words need to quickly spell out your offer, its value, how it differs from the competition, why readers should believe the words in front of them and how they should respond. Being specific sharpens your copy. For example, don???t just say your product will save people money. Give a dollar figure.

2. Don’t bury important info. Highlight key points in headlines and with indentations or bullet points. Italics, bold type or different color ink also can work, but use them sparingly to maintain a classy look. Postscripts, which appear after a signature, get read and are great vehicles to reinforce important ideas.

3. Engage readers. Your piece is like a printed salesperson, and it needs to sound more like a human being than a robot. Use a conversational tone that’s heavy on you and lighter on I or we. Stay away from jargon. Address folks by name if possible. Launch into your pitch with a captivating anecdote, an intriguing question or a surprising statement that pops.

4. Explain, don’t list. Since you’re trying to emotionally connect with your audience, simply listing the features of your product or service is a bad idea. Readers want to know what’s in it for them, so you’ll need to connect the dots. Those benefits might vary by customer segment, so plan to craft separate messages to address different needs.

5. Use hardworking language. You?’ll grab attention with words like free, save, new, sale, exclusive, finally, at last and guarantee. Create a sense of urgency by including an expiration date on your offer and complement it with phrases like call now and supplies are limited.

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Did You Know 76% of young people

August 1st, 2012

Did You Know 76% of young people, otherwise known as the digital generation, said they had made a purchase based on something they received IN THE MAIL. The Takeaway Even in an increasingly digital age, mail still plays a vital role in growing many businesses.

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